Wooster Arts & Music Festival - Fun for All

The 16th annual Wooster Arts & Music Festival will be held on Saturday, September 14th in historic downtown Wooster from 12:00pm to 8:00pm. The all-day event will include many genres of live music on different stages throughout the day. There will be a variety of fine arts and craft vendors, local beer and wine, quality food, and free children’s arts activities. Visit beautiful downtown Wooster to shop, dance, craft and enjoy great food from one of the food trucks on the square or one of our many outstanding restaurants.
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Wooster Rotary provides 2020 Scholarships to Extraordinary Students

Including this year, the Wooster Rotary Club has made 191 scholarship awards for nearly $346,000.
Due to the COVID19 pandemic, the traditional senior awards assembly was replaced with a pre-recorded video that first aired on Thursday June 4 and awardees were also recognized at the Rotary weekly Zoom meeting on June 8, 2020. This year, Wooster Rotary Club awarded $18,000 worth of scholarships to 10 Wooster High School seniors as listed below.
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History of the Rotary Bell

In 1922 U.S. Rotarians organized an attendance contest; the challenge was that the losing clubs would join in giving the winning club a prize. The Rotary Club of New York City was declared the winner and to them was awarded a bell from a popular patrol boat, which was placed on wood that came from HMS Victory, Admiral Nelson’s vessel at the battle of Trafalgar. 
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2019 Veterans Day Meeting

Wooster Rotary honored our members, our family members (i.e. spouses, children) and community members who are veterans at our November 11th meeting. Major General (Ret) Tod J. Carmony was the day's speaker.  He noted the impact that a nation of WWII veterans had on the generation after them, as parents and as community leaders, and how many of those veterans shaped his own passion to serve.  MG Carmony is a Wooster native who served 39 years in the US Army; in addition to numerous deployments around the world, he also deployed to Mississippi as part of the Katrina Relief mission in 2005.
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Wooster Rotary Social June 20th

Posted on Jun 14, 2016
Join us for a new kind of Wooster Rotary social on Monday, June 20, 2016, between 5PM and 7PM at Muddy's in downtown Wooster. This casual event is a combined introduction for anyone interested in joining the Wooster Rotary Club and a welcome/orientation for our newer members.
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2021 Parade of Flags

The Wooster Rotary Parade of Flags will begin its 13th year with Memorial Day 2021.  We invite you to subscribe to a flag placement  or renew your current subscription.
By committing to a new flag subscription for the year 2021, you will be helping to support community organizations like 4-H groups, scout troops, youth athletic teams and many others that raise funds by helping place the flags. In addition,  proceeds from the project are used to fund Veteran initiatives,  civic projects and local school scholarships.  Plus, you will  be part of the patriotic display of red, white and blue across town for all five flag holidays next year. Thank you for your support!
Help create a community of red, white and blue! Join others on your street to honor our country with a parade of flags in all our neighborhoods. Call 330-439-2029 or place your order through our flag website: https://app.helpingwithflags.com/WoosterRotary.
The Wooster Rotary Club, assisted by local community groups, will place a 3’x 5’ flag in your front yard for 5 holidays per year, and pick it up again after the holiday. A plastic pipe will be buried in your front lawn permanently, flush with the ground, to hold the flagstaff. A cap will cover the pipe when not in use. The City of Wooster has approved the flag to be placed on “tree lawns” where available. The flag and staff will remain the property of the Wooster Rotary Club.
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