Parade of Flags

Help create a community of red, white and blue! Join others on your street to honor our country with a parade of flags in all our neighborhoods.

The Wooster Rotary Club, assisted by local community groups, will place a 3’x 5’ flag in your front yard for 5 holidays per year, and pick it up again after the holiday. A plastic pipe will be buried in your front lawn permanently, flush with the ground, to hold the flagstaff. A cap will cover the pipe when not in use. The City of Wooster has approved the flag to be placed on “tree lawns” where available. The flag and staff will remain the property of the Wooster Rotary Club.

All profits will support community, national, and international Rotary projects. The local community groups that help with placing the flags will receive $12.00 per each subscription. For $40.00 per calendar year, (not pro-rated by holiday.) Rotary will provide and install the pipe and cap, provide the flag, store it properly when not in use, and deliver and pick up the flag for the following holidays:
  • Memorial Day: Placed May 25-26, Picked-up June 1-2
  • Flag Day (June 14): Placed June 10-11 Leave up through Independence Day
  • Independence day (July 4): Picked-up July 7-8
  • Labor Day/Patriot Day (September 11): Placed Sept. 8-9, Picked-Up Sept. 17-18
  • Veteran's Day (November 11): Placed Nov. 6-7, Picked-Up Nov. 12-13


Call (330) 439-2029 with any questions.