Courtesy of  Ray Leisy, Club Historian
This week, and for the following two weeks, we will be featuring a short biography of the twenty-four founding members of Wooster Rotary in 1921.
Clarence L. Allis 1883-1950 was born in Valpariso, Chile. He attended the College of Wooster, Columbia University and Stanford University. He began his career with the American Telephone and Telegraph Company and then Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company.  He returned to Wooster in 1910 and married Miriam Hurd in Wooster in 1911. She passed away suddenly in 1912. He married Marguerite Bange in 1921. She died in Wooster in 1965. He had returned to Wooster in 1910 to become general manager, secretary and treasurer of Wooster Light and Power Company. Upon his retirement he moved to Massillon, Ohio. He died in 1950 and is buried in the Wooster Cemetery. Classification: Light and Power.
Samuel H. Bell 1889-1954 was born in Wooster and went to work as a bookkeeper for his father in Wooster who was an importer and horse breeder. In 1912 he married Charlotte Miller. During World War I he served as a Major in the Quartermaster Corp. He also was a 32nd degree Mason. When his father retired he took over the family business calling it the S.H. Bell Corporation with himself as Chairman. He died in Wooster in 1954 and is buried in the Wooster Cemetery. Classification: Live Stock.

George W. Blake 1886-1922 was born in Moundsville, West Virginia. He attended Kenyon Military Academy, Kenyon College and the University of Virginia. He began his career in Moundsville in the Real Estate business. He also became a Justice of the Peace in Moundsville. He moved to Wooster in 1902 and founded Buckeye Aluminum. In 1910 he married Mary Ellis in Wooster. He died in 1922 following an operation for appendicitis and is buried in Wooster Cemetery.
Classification: Kitchen Supplies.

Henry L. Boigegrain 1868-1953 was born in Mt. Eaton, Ohio. He moved to Wooster with his family in 1879 and went to work at the D.Q. Liggett clothing store, then H.G. Church and then Oberholtzer and Beebe. In 1893 he went to work for the William Annat Company from which he retired in 1943. He married Mary Jones, who died in 1934. They are buried together in Wooster Cemetery. Classification: Dry Goods.

William R. Curry 1876-1952 was born in Wooster and attended the College of Wooster. In 1899 he went to work for the D.C. Curry Company with his father, D.C. Curry, and his brothers John R. Curry and Wellington Curry. The company had been founded by his grandfather, James Curry. He served as a corporal in the Spanish American War. He was one of the original founders of the Wooster Country Club. He married Edna Smith in Wooster. They are buried together in Wooster Cemetery. Classification: Lumber.

Emmett C. Dix 1873-1953 was born in Atwater, Ohio. He attended school in Hamilton, Ohio and was graduated from Hiram College. He became Editor of the Wooster Daily Record in 1911 and added the title Publisher in 1922. He held both positions until retirement in 1950.  He married Edna Vorhees in 1900. He died in Florida in 1953. Classification: Newspaper Editorial.

Walter R. Foss 1897-1970 was born in Wooster a son of Walter D. Foss, President of the Wooster Brush Company. The Company had been founded by his grandfather Adam Foss. He married Camilla H. Burdett in 1919 and began his career at Wooster Brush alongside his father and three brothers as Research and Advertising Manager. He worked closely with his father Walter D. Foss, who had moved to Cleveland, to obtain the charter for the Wooster Rotary Club in 1921. He is buried in Wooster Cemetery. Classification: Brush Manufacturing.

Herman Freedlander 1879-1974 was born in Buffalo, New York and came to Wooster in 1884 with his family. His father had opened the Buffalo One Price Store in Wooster in 1884, but when his father’s health began to suffer Herman, at age 16, took over the operation of the store. His father died in 1898. He married Edna Anthony in 1904, she died in 1948. He, along with Albert Dix, organized the Wooster Borad of Trade. The organization is now known as the Wooster Chamber of Commerce. The Freedlander Park and the Freedlander Theater at the College of Wooster are both named in honor of Herman Freedlander. He continued daily management of the the Freedlander store until shortly before his death in 1974. Classification: Mens Clothing.