Courtesy of  Ray Leisy, Club Historian
The Wooster Rotary year 1967-1968 began with a new President Clyde Miller, who at that time was Vice President of First Federal Savings and Loan.

Urban Renewal of downtown Wooster was starting at that time, so the first program was Paul Willour Director of the Urban Renewal Program for the City of Wooster and also a Wooster Rotarian. A total grant of $1,033,000.00 came from the Federal Government and was matched by $480,000.00 from the City of Wooster. Rotarian Willour explained the money was to prevent the deterioration of South Market Street and South Bever. The results are still standing.

It should be noted that the meetings at those times began with singing from selections in the Rotary Song Book, usually directed by Ted Crawford and the noon news delivered by Ted Evans. President Clyde reminded every member that this Rotary year is the 50th Anniversary of the  International Rotary Foundation and urged each member to include an extra $3.00 on their quarterly statement to go to the Rotary International Foundation. It was announced that Rotary International had inaugurated a new program for Undergraduate Scholars which provides for a year abroad of undergraduate study.
On December 20th Wooster Rotary again hosted the annual Christmas Party for children from the Children’s Home. It was announced that Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kinney, administrators of the Home, would be retiring shortly.

The year 1968 began with a series of speakers from January through February arranged by each Committee of Rotary speaking about topics of concern to the Committee.

Vic Dix presented a panel of local doctors speaking on the topic of “Cancer Involvement.” The program was meant to kick off the Annual Cancer Drive of which Vic was the Chair. The doctors were Dr. William Schultz, Dr. Everret Burgess and Dr. Robert Shultz, Dr. Schultz and Dr. Burgess were Wooster Rotarians. It was noted in the Woosterian that “Several Rotarians continued to smoke through the program apparently feeling that they would be immune from cancer."