Courtesy of  Ray Leisy, Club Historian

The 1966-67 Wooster Rotary Year began with a new President, Winford Logan.

Although the following pertains to Bill Lytle's year as President (65-66), it is worthwhile to list the accomplishments for that year by Wooster Rotary, as Win Logan did at the start of his year. Next week we will return with accomplishments of Win’s year.

International Service:
1. An Open House for Cuban and other foreign [sic] families of the Wooster area.
2. Hosted Peter Waters from Australia for the year.
3. Paid to install a new floor for the International Student Room at the College of Wooster.
4. Donation to Dr. Wertz for a new operating table for the Landon Hospital in India.
5. Sent three Wooster Exchange students from Wooster to Sweden.
6. Won first place for International Service from the District.
Community Service
1. Welcomed 4H and FFA students and their teachers to a Wooster Rotary Meeting.
2. Promoted the Saddle Club Show for the benefit of Ida Sue School.
3. Sponsored a Christmas Party for both Ida Sue School and the Children’s Home.
4. Sponsored the Wooster Junior Bowling League.
5. Sponsored the Speech and Debate Team at Wooster High School.
6. Purchased a Band Uniform for a Wooster High School student.

Vocational Service:
1. Club Meeting at Boys Village.
2. Promotion of a levy for a new Wayne County Vocational School.

Club Service:
1. 45th Anniversary Party.
2. First Place in Club attendance for the District.

“I might add that our programs have certainly been of extremely high caliber. Also added to the above list are about 25 projects carried out by Wooster Rotary each year, year after year. I did not list these as I am sure our members are familiar with them.” Bill Lytle.

Did you see the Daily Record page 8A on Sunday, October 11th, 2020?  Wooster Rotary Service goes on!  "Wooster Ohio Rotary Club-PEOPLE-of-ACTION Join Leaders/Exchange Ideas/Take Action"