Courtesy of  Ray Leisy, Club Historian
We are trying something different this week. Instead of our usual report on Wooster Rotary’s 100 years we are trying a little audience participation test. Do not worry, it is open book and most of the answers can be found in the previous weekly reports available on the  homepage. As an added incentive we will have a drawing from all entries at the September 27th Monday Rotary meeting for a valuable prize. All entries should be emailed to by September 26th. So here goes:
1. When was the first Rotary Club founded? 
2. Who were the first four members of that Club?
3. Where did the first Club meet?
4. What was the second Club founded?
5. When and what Club made Rotary International?
6. Who initiated the founding of Wooster Rotary?
7. When did Wooster Rotary receive its Charter?
8. Who was the first President of Wooster Rotary?
9. How many initial members were in Wooster Rotary?
10. How many current Wooster Rotary members are direct descendants of one of the Founders?
11. Where has Wooster Rotary held their meetings since the beginning?
12. What was the first Wooster Rotary newsletter called?
13. What was the name of the second Wooster Rotary newsletter?
14. When was the Rotary Four Way Test first used?
15. When was the teapot first passed and why?
16. When were song books first used to open meetings?
17. When did Wooster Rotary first begin participation in the Inbound and Outbound Student Exchange program?
18. When was the first Wooster Rotary Gallery Auction and where was it held.
19. When was the last Gallery Auction and where was it held?
20. Did Wooster Rotary have fashion shows?
21. Who were the “Rotary Anns”?
22. When were women first admitted to Wooster Rotary as members?
23. Who has been the longest serving member of Wooster Rotary?
24. Who is the oldest serving member as President of Wooster Rotary?
25. What is the most members of Wooster Rotary at any one time.
26. Who is the longest current serving member of Wooster Rotary?
27. How many Wooster Rotary members have served over 50 years?
28. When and who was the last charter member of Wooster Rotary to pass?
29. What are the two projects being sponsored by Wooster Rotary to celebrate the 100 year history of Wooster Rotary?
All entries should be emailed to by September 26th 2021
Do not forget the valuable prize!