Courtesy of  Ray Leisy, Club Historian
As you may note by the occupations of the original twenty-four members of the Wooster Rotary Club and their contacts throughout the Ohio business world, the Wooster Rotary Club held the promise of great things to come with special emphasis on  “Service Above Self”. By 1924, the Wooster Rotary Club had grown to 55. That same year a Motion was made to pay the expenses of a Wooster Delegate to the National Rotary Convention. The second Wooster President, Charles Gary was sent as Wooster’s Delegate to the St. Louis Convention. Also, at that time the fiscal year for each Rotary Club ended on March 31st.
1924 was a very active year for the Wooster Club, contributions were made to the Boy Scouts and our first relationship with the International Society for Crippled Children resulted in an average donation of $4.00 per member to that organization.

In 1925, after an address by the Chaplain of the Ohio State Penetentiary, Wooster Rotary adopted a Resolution sent to the Ohio Legislature that prisoners be encouraged to further their education through correspondence courses organized by the State of Ohio. The Wooster Club was also recognized by the Crippled Children Foundation for buying an electric chair for a local Wooster citizen. This is the first time that Wooster used funds to support a local citizen. This also was the first time that the membership held a picnic at the newly opened Wooster City Park, known now as the Christmas Run Park.

In 1928 the Club made a conscious effort to promote giving for specific causes on a regular basis instead of reacting upon requests. For that reason special funds were established for Christmas Seals, Crippled Children, Boy Scouts, Youth and a special fund for individual needs of assistance.

For the last few years that Wooster Rotary published a booklet listing all members, a list of Past Presidents starting with 1930-1931 was included. Below is a list of the Presidents from 1921 to 1929:

L. Albert Woodard 1921-1922
Charles M. Gray 1922-1923
Ira Neely 1923-1924
Joseph W. Hooke1924-1925
Carlos Williams 1925-1926
Edmund Secrest 1926-1927
Michael Moriarty 1927-1928
Fred Howard 1928-1929
John Weiser 1929-1930

Also, just so you know our oldest living President of Wooster Rotary, Robert P. Bogner, 1971-1972, will be turning 100 shortly and has 69 years of Service Above Self to the Wooster Rotary Club and Wooster Community.