Courtesy of  Ray Leisy, Club Historian
The Wooster Rotary Year 1994-95 began with the administration of Tony Biggio as President. It coincided with the opening of the new Wooster High School on Oldman Road, which involved  a box luncheon at the school for Rotarians and a tour of the new school in place of the August 15th noon meeting. Incidentally Tony had attended the annual Rotary International Convention in Taiwan and passed out a Taiwan coin to each Wooster Rotarian and asked that they pass them on to a friend.

At the November 29th meeting Frank Knorr reported that the most recent Al VanWie Basketball Tournament collected 646 canned items for People to People and $308 in cash. Wooster Rotary also purchased and presented trophies for the Tournament.

At the April 3, 1995 meeting Don Noble of Rubbermaid introduced Lud Huck, Vice President of new ventures, who reported that, since it’s opening in 1988, the Everything Rubbermaid store in downtown Wooster had, in it’s first 18 months of operations, sold over $6,240,000 worth of goods and contributed wages for 35 employees of over $700,000. Lud reported that the store planned further increases.

1995 was the 90th anniversary of Rotary International. There were 1,200,140 Rotarians, in 27,260 Clubs, in 506 Districts and 150 countries. Paul Harris’s last words on the subject of Rotary’s founding, delivered in February, 1947 just before his passing were: “I did not in 1905 foresee a worldwide [Rotary] movement…When a [person] plants an unpromising sapling, can they be sure that someday here will grow a mighty tree? Once they see the first bud then they can begin to dream of shade.” 

It is interesting that, in 2021, Wooster Rotary has planted 24 trees for the founding members of Wooster Rotary and will plant more to honor those Wooster Rotarians, past and future, who achieve 50 years of Rotary service.