Courtesy of  Ray Leisy, Club Historian
On July 13, 1992 the gavel was passed to Jim Myers for the 1992-93 Wooster Rotary Year. One of the first programs for the year was presented by Kimberly Sayers who was introduced by Chuck Dougherty. Kim spoke about programing at OSU/ATI. The next speaker of the year was Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court Thomas Moyer. Also, at that time, there were 32,000 Rotarian women members in North America.

The Wooster Rotary picnic was held at the OARDC on August 24th and the Wooster Rotary-United Way Run was held on the streets of downtown Wooster September 19th. The Christmas Luncheon Program was held December 14th at the OARDC.

Wooster Rotary President Jim announced that District 6650 was asking for donations to help people in south Florida and Louisiana recover from hurricane Andrew. Donations were to be made to President Jim. The Wooster Rotary Foundation would add to the funds and send the funds collected to District Governor of 6650 John Gates.

President Jim announced that there would be a $6.25 “Assessment” on all Wooster Rotarians each quarter to be used for advertising and related expenses for the Rotary Auction. The reason being so that we could say that all commissions from the auction would go for Wooster Rotary projects.

In March 1993 Rotary International declared the Western Hemisphere polio free!