Courtesy of  Ray Leisy, Club Historian
At the Wooster Rotary Club Assembly on July 10, 1989, President Dave Gallapoo handed the gavel over to Al Van Wie for the 1989-1990 Wooster Rotary Year. President Al, in passing around the Teapot, reminded Wooster Rotarians of the significance and importance of the Teapot for fundraising. Ira Neely, President of Wooster Rotary in 1924, introduced the Teapot in jest of the big news of the day, the “Teapot Dome Scandal” during the Harding Administration. The first recorded collection was $2.60 with the proceeds then, as now, going to help others.

The Annual Wooster Rotary picnic was held again at the OARDC on August 7th with over 400 Rotarians and guests in attendance.

At the August 14th meeting $500 was donated to the 4-H for camp scholarships, $500 to Layton School for playground equipment and $5,500 for college scholarships. Since 1984 Wooster Rotary had given out $49,300 in scholarships. President Al advised that every Monday a Committee Chair would report on their Committee goals for the year.

John Campbell announced that 1,850 items were auctioned at the latest Rotary Auction with gross receipts of $214,417 and net receipts of approximately $35,000. The largest auction to date.

It was announced that the Polio Plus program had given grants to inoculate children in the total amount of $144,074,718 to 90 countries. So far, as of June 1990, 185 million children had already been inoculated.