Courtesy of  Ray Leisy, Club Historian
As noted last week, the 1984-85 Wooster Rotary Year began early for President Mike Steiner as 1983-84 President Paul Kerr had to leave early due to a professional relocation. President Mike had already set forth four goals for his term: programs, attendance, community projects and the Rotary auction. President Mike also sought homes for three new incoming Exchange Students: Silvanna Turganti from Switzerland, Hilario Magsino from the Philippines and Linnar Holgersson from Sweden.

Rotary International President Carlos Canseco sent a message to all United States Rotary Clubs concerning the recent decision by the United States Supreme Court concerning the United States Jaycees requiring that they admit women. He said “Rotary is a men’s fellowship whose purpose is service. It is not a business or public accommodation. By policy it is not political. Rotary prohibits a member from seeking any business or professional advantage from his membership. The Supreme Court decision requires no change in Rotary membership rules and accordingly none are authorized.” How wrong he was.

On August 9, 1984, the Wooster Rotary Board of Trustees issued a Resolution stating that the Club shall not endorse any candidate or ballot issue, allow the the presentation by any person supporting any candidate or ballot issue or a presentation by any previously elected official while they are seeking a new term of office.

Upon nomination by Wooster Rotary, Lisa Reiman of Wooster, was selected by Rotary International for a Teacher of the Handicapped Scholarship. The scholarship permitted Lisa to study for nine months in Dundee, Scotland, to further develop her skills in teaching multiple handicapped children. Lisa joined Jerry Footlick, Beverly Kimble and Susan McCall as previous recipients from Wooster of the Rotary International Scholarship.

President Mike announced that Wooster Rotary had been selected to host a Group Study Team from Columbia from April 12 to 16, 1985. Host homes and drivers were needed.

The 1985 Wooster Rotary Gallery Auction netted $19,972.85 for Wooster Rotary projects announced Co-chairs Doug and Dennis Webb.