Courtesy of  Ray Leisy, Club Historian
The Wooster Rotary Club began the first meeting of July, 1978, with the passing of the gavel to our new Wooster Rotary Club President Bob Weiss. A special announcement was made about the grand opening of the Tri-Dent building in downtown Wooster with four dentists being recognized. Three were Rotarians and a fourth was the son of a Rotarian, later to become a Rotarian: Dr. Ted Crawford, Dr. Tony Biggio, Dr. Brian Lacey and Dr. Doug Webb, son of Clyde Webb and future Wooster Rotarian. An announcement was also made concerning the Wooster Rotary Club Golf Outing to be held at Julie Fe View golf club followed by a dinner at the club. The Club wished Rita Mykrantz “good luck” as she was leaving for a year in Brazil as a Rotary Exchange Student and welcomed Tina Hallin from Sweden for her year long stay in Wooster. Wooster Rotarian Lowell Bournes made his “official” visit to Wooster Rotary as District Governor.
The month of December, 1978, was a busy month for Wooster Rotary beginning with the Annual Christmas Party for senior citizens. Over 400 meals were served in the YMCA gym.  The Wooster Rotary Club was forced to expand seating also to accommodate the growing membership at 203 with 90% attendance rate. The Club also bought trophies for the Wooster Basketball Classic at the College of Wooster.
On March 17th the third Annual Wooster Rotary Gallery Auction took place, It was reported that gross income included commissions of $2,687 on sales, $997 on sales of Rotary items, $154 on book sales and $841 on food. With an allowance for expenses, net profits were $3,012.
Ivan Steiner reported on some little known Wooster Rotary facts for 1979. Wooster Rotary has a four generation family: Albert, Emmett, Ray and Victor Dix. five Presidents of the College of Wooster have been members: L. E.. Holden, C. F. Wishart, Howard Lowry, J. Garber Drushal and Henry Copeland. (There have been two more since then.) There have been two father/son Presidents of Wooster Rotary: Harold and Roger Cook and Ray and Vic Dix. Two Clergy have been Presidents of Wooster Rotary: Father Michael Moriarty 1927-1928, and Rev. Racky Young 1961-1962.