Courtesy of  Ray Leisy, Club Historian
The Wooster Rotary began as usual with a new President for the Wooster Rotary Year 1977-78, Victor Dix, who announced that the Wooster Club budget for the year 1977-78 year would be $39,100.00. The “Teapot” was expected to add an additional $1,450.00. Disbursements were to be International Service $800.00; Community Service $800.00; Crippled Children $200.00; United Way $375.00; An additional sum for the following from the General Fund was allocated to: International Service $800.00; Vocational Service $100.00; International Service $100.00; and Community Service $400.00.

The October 3, 1977, meeting included a tour of the new Justice Center hosted by Sheriff Jim Frost. Walt Grosjean was in charge of arranging the tour and most Rotarians took advantage to visit the new Justice Center as guests. The Rotarian Editor was quick to point out that the Rotarians first had their usual meal provided at the YMCA,

At the February 1, 1978 meeting, Chuck Dougherty and Dave Gallapoo made a proposal to Rotary that anyone contributing $100 to the second Rotary Auction will have that sum used by Dave and Chuck to buy a high quality item in their name to be sold at the auction. If the item sells for more that $100, the profit goes to the Rotarian. Six members agreed to the plan.

At the same meeting the Wooster Rotary Members voted “yes” on another plan to raise money for the Wooster Rotary Foundation. Beginning in 1978 on the anniversary of the Rotarians membership, they are required to donate $1 for every year of membership. The donation would be added to their quarterly dues statement. The plan was devised by Bob Gates.

At the March 1, 1978 meeting, a Group Study Team from Mexico was hosted by Wooster Rotary.

At the March 8th meeting, Dave Gallapoo reported that the Second Wooster Rotary Gallery Auction grossed over $30,000 and appears to be a resounding success.

President Vic reported that a May 8th vote by members concerning smoking at Rotary resulted in 65 in favor of continuing, 40 voting for a no smoking area, and 41 in favor of no smoking at all. The Board voted to set aside two tables just inside the door for smoking. The rest of the room would be non-smoking.