Courtesy of  Ray Leisy, Club Historian
Happy New Year!

The 1974 to 1975 Wooster Rotary Year began with a new President of Wooster Rotary, Walter C. Grosjean. His classification was “Corporation Law”. He was an Attorney with Critchfield, Critchfield, Critchfield and Johnston. Walt is still a member of the Wooster Rotary Club and will be celebrating his 59th year as a Wooster Rotary member. He was introduced to Wooster Rotary by his father, George F. Grosjean, who had joined Wooster Rotary in 1941. In taking over his new post Walt said “I’ve had the opportunity to make up at clubs throughout this country and other parts of the world and I’m convinced Wooster Rotary Club is one of the best anywhere.” President Walt also went on to advise Club members that the price of meals was being raised from $20 per quarter to $22.

At the September 19th meeting Wooster Rotarian Keith Remy brought to the attention of the members a local family including four children. All four of the children attended Wooster Schools. Through no fault of their own they have ended up with only the clothes that they were wearing. They have been established in a good house and have clothing provided by local agencies, but Keith advised that a large amount of furniture was needed. Wooster Rotarians should contact Keith to make arrangements of any furniture that they were able to donate to the family.

At the same meeting Ted Crawford advised Rotarians that a new community service project was being formed to provide nursing home residents with someone to visit. Details were being worked out and there would be no costs associated with the project. Ted requested that anyone who wished to visit nursing home residents who did not have family locally or had no visitors to contact him to sign up for the project. Ted Crawford announced at the January 30, 1975 meeting that 30 Wooster Rotarians had been assigned a visitation schedule for the month of February.

At the same meeting, President Walt advised members that Wooster Rotary support for the International Exchange program had “weakened” over the past few years. Between 1968 and 1973 Wooster Rotary did not send any students outbound. During the period 1967 to 1970 Wooster Rotary did not host any inbound students. A ballot was passed out to members asking if Wooster Rotarians thought Wooster Rotary should continue to be part of the program, if they would host a student and if they would provide transportation or take an inbound student to events. On a happy note, Wooster Rotarians responded overwhelmingly to continue the International Exchange Program.

The Wooster Rotary Style program returned at the October 3rd meeting narrated by John Fleming. The new fashions for 1975 were modeled by Wooster Rotarians Ted Crawford, Don Noll, Paul Cooley, Ellis Camp, Bill Martin, Roland Bethke, Paul Kerr, Bill Marion and Jim Endres.

On December 19, 1974 Wooster Rotary hosted 150 senior citizens for the annual Christmas Party, begun in 1970. A musical performance was provided by the Wooster High School Senior Choir.

During the weekend of May 8, 1975, Wooster Rotarians hosted a Group Study team of five men from Kobe, Japan in their homes and introduced the team members to the community of Wooster, particularly the OARDC.