Courtesy of  Ray Leisy, Club Historian
We hope that you enjoyed the Holiday Season last week while the Club Historian took a brief Holiday. Needless to say it has been a strange and trying year for everyone due to the Covid 19 Pandemic. Let us all hope that 2021 will be a better year.
This week we feature Wooster Rotary Year 1973 1/2 to 1974. If you checked your Wooster Rotary Yearly Handbook, which is no longer printed for the information of our newer members, or you were a member in 1973, you will note that two Wooster Rotary Presidents are listed for 1973-1974; Bill Drumm and Ted Crawford. Bill Drumm officially resigned as President of the Club at the November 15, 1973 meeting as he had accepted a new job in Columbus, Ohio. Ted Crawford had been Vice President and automatically was sworn in as President pursuant to the Wooster Rotary Constitution. The nominating committee was activated and later nominated Walter Grosjean as Vice President to be elected by the membership.
President Ted hit the ground running with the annual Ladies Night held at the College of Wooster Lowry Center. After dinner the group adjourned to the Timken Gymnasium to watch the Wooster Generals play the Triway Titans in a spirited baseball game. Wooster Mayor Roy Stipe addressed Wooster Rotarians on January 7, 1974 concerning the State of the City. He spoke at length about the City’s purchase of the Wooster Bus System, then in private management, and the purchase of new buses and additional times and routes. This was expected to be an improvement for senior citizens of the City.
The Monday, February 11, 1974 lunch meeting was held in the Wooster High School cafeteria hosted by Superintendent David Rathbone who said “We’re happy to welcome you to Wooster High School and hope you enjoyed your lunch. I believe we may have the biggest restaurant in town; we serve up to a half million lunches a year in our school lunch program.”  The group divided into smaller groups after lunch to see some of the newer improvements worth one million dollars resulting from a bond issue passed the previous year.
The Wooster Rotary Year ended with a report of both President Ted and President elect Walt about their trip to the Rotary International Convention in Minneapolis-St, Paul, The theme of the Convention was “Improving the Quality of Life.” The issues considered were the environment, the shortage of energy resources and population increases in the developing nations and resulting food shortages.