Courtesy of  Ray Leisy, Club Historian
The Wooster Rotary year 1970 to 1971 began with a new Wooster Rotary President Ken Rhode. The change was made at the July 2, 1970 meeting. Also inducted at that meeting into membership was Roger Cook, sponsored by Ted Crawford. Both are still members of Wooster Rotary. At the same meeting President Ken reminded all members to turn in their donation of $7.50 as soon as possible to support the benefit baseball game which in turn will raise $1,000 for the Meals on Wheels project.

The August 20th meeting featured a presentation by Musical Director Terry Woodings concerning a new outdoor drama beginning earlier in the summer in a new amphitheater near New Philadelphia. The new drama was “Trumpet in the Land.” It was also reported that over 300 Wooster Rotarians and their families attended the annual Family Picnic at the OARDC.  Tim Webb and Doug Drushal were introduced as Rotators for the month.

At the November 5th meeting. Wooster Rotary for the first time hosted a group of football players from Wooster High School and Orrville High School to discuss the impending great rivalry in football. Each group consisted of two team captains, Coach Mays from Wooster and Coach Tipton of Orrville and Orrville Mayor Hostetler and Wooster Mayor Tilford. This tradition continued for a number of years.
The meeting on November 27th featured another first for Wooster Rotary; a fashion show.  Planned and directed by Al Burger Sr. and emceed by Ted Evans, the program featured members of Rotary to model the latest in men's fashions. “Activities were kicked off with a surprise opening. Rich Massaro, local barber and hair stylist, provided instant hair for Rotarians with normally barren pates and a new hair style for another. Rich restyled Ted Crawford’s hair to give it the ‘mod’ wind-blown look and topped off his handiwork by adding a pair of sideburns. Joe Retzler, Louie Carter and Keith Remy were given added hair treatments.” Also participating as models were Racky Young, Dave Christopher, Sam Shapiro, Lowel Bourns and Vic Dix.

The highlight of this Wooster Rotary year was, of course, the 50th Anniversary of the founding of Wooster Rotary. It was held on March 22, 1971 at Lowry Center at the College of Wooster. General Chairman was Ivan Steiner Jr. Two of the original members were able to attend, Herman Freedlander and Guy Richard. The Guest Speaker for the evening was Charles L. McCullers from North Carolina, a well-known Rotary inspirational speaker with 31 years of perfect attendance. Ford Ross announced a gift to the Wooster Community, the formation of the Wooster Rotary Foundation with a subscribed gift from many Rotarians amounting to $17,000. Ford explained that it is hoped that the Wooster Rotary Foundation will grow to the point that it can be a funding source for many worthwhile programs supporting the Wooster Community.