Courtesy of  Ray Leisy, Club Historian
After receiving Charter No. 834, Wooster Rotary elected the first officers of the Club:

L. Albert Woodard, President
William Harris, Vice President
Walter R. Foss, Secretary
Robert R. Woods, Treasurer
Herman Freedlander, Sergeant at Arms

The twenty-four Charter Members were:

Clarence L. Allis 1883-1950
Samuel H. Bell 1889-1954
George W. Blake 1886-1922
Henry L. Boigegrain 1868-1953
William R. Curry 1876-1952
Emmett C. Dix 1873-1953
Walter R. Foss 1897-1970
Herman Freedlander 1879-1974
Frank C. Gerlach 1870-1948
Charles M. Gray 1859-1929*
William Harris 1870-1945
Joseph W. Hooke 1868-1953*
George C. Maurer 1862-1957
Emile E. Paumier 1875-1936
Thomas D. Prosser 1872-1963
James B. Rahl 1882-1964*
Harry A. Reiman 1886-1964
Alvin Rich 1871-1955
Guy Richard 1885-1973*
Alonza C.Smith 1887-1943
Charles A. Weiser 1861-1938
Walter G. Whitaker 1865-1931
Robert R. Woods 1875-1960
L. Albert Woodard 1874-1964*
* Served a term as President

In following weeks we will have a short biography of each charter member.