Courtesy of  Ray Leisy, Club Historian
The 1962 to 1963 Wooster Rotary Year began with a new Wooster Rotary President, Ed Myers, Classification Office Equipment. Newly elected Board Members, with classifications, were Lowell Bourns (College Education), Judge Adrian Miller (Senior Active), John Owen (Brass Products Mfg.), Arden Ramseyer (Potato Farming) and William Sadler ( Public School Education).
The first speaker of the year was Dick McCann, Director of the Canton Football Hall of Fame, who was in turn introduced by Earl Schreiber, president of the Board of the Hall of Fame and a director of Timken Roller Bearing who was introduced by his long time friend Wooster Rotary member Hank Critchfield.
The speaker for the August 10th program was a very interesting person, Dr. Bimel Chundre who spoke about his swim across the English Channel. He also swam in the 1948 Olympics for India in the 400 meter and 1,500 meter free style. The 35 year old medical doctor was in the United States for the first time on an exchange program with the Western Reserve University School of Medicine. Why would anyone want to swim across the English Channel?  “It was just a challenge?” said Dr. Chundre. Hank Critchfield arranged another program for October 5th, Gene Woodling who spoke about his playing years with the New York Yankees and then the Cleveland Indians.

Another speaker highlight of the year was on March 29th with a presentation by Dr. Wilson Compton whose topic was “Looking Ahead from Behind.”  Dr. Compton attended Wooster Public Schools, the College of Wooster and obtained his Ph.D. from Princeton University in 1915. Of course, he was the brother of Dr. Arthur Compton of Wooster, Nobel Prize winner. Dr. Wilson Compton was famous in his own right obtaining many honorary degrees from universities in this country and throughout the world. For many years he was President of the U.S. Council for Financial Aid to Education and recently a U.S. Delegate to the fourth session of the United National General Assembly. He had also been a member of the first mission of the United States Education Mission to Japan