Courtesy of  Ray Leisy, Club Historian
In 1915, Walter D. Foss, President of the Wooster Brush Company, after the death of his wife, decided to retire and move to Cleveland. Once he arrived in Cleveland, he decided to take up residence at the Hotel Carter in downtown Cleveland. He commuted back and forth to Wooster once or twice each week to keep in touch with the Company and family in Wooster.
At some point, he joined the Cleveland Rotary Club and soon decided that Wooster could benefit as well with a Rotary Club. 
He enlisted his son, Walter R. Foss, President of Wooster Brush, Walter Whitaker, a Wooster Insurance Agent, and William Harris, a cashier at the Citizens National Bank. Together they compiled a list of candidates for the Wooster Rotary Club. They approached each candidate personally and explained the principles of Rotary and the qualifications for membership and all of the rules and regulations of Rotary. Some potential members who were approached declined, others who were not approached asked if they could join.
Soon, 24 potential members were selected, being an adequate number to apply for a charter and a meeting was set for January 21, 1921, although that is not the “official” date for Wooster Rotary. Walter D. Foss received a letter from the International Association of Rotary Clubs dated 28 February, 1921 accepting the Wooster application. The Charter itself carries a March 1,1921 date; Charter No. 834. So, we can have three celebrations if we want.