Courtesy of  Ray Leisy, Club Historian
The Wooster Rotary Year 1958 to 1959 began with Howard Yoder as President. Charles Franks also became a member of the Club on June 2, 1958. He is still a member!  The Annual Family Picnic was held on Monday, July 28 at the Walter Jones residence.
The speaker at the Rural-Urban Annual Program was Med Maxwell from Maxwell Productions of Forth Wayne; introduced by Clyde Moore. Another notable program for the year include J. Homer Winkler of the Batelle Memorial Institute. Other social programs for the year were Ladies Night, the Thanksgiving Party and the Annual Children’s Home Christmas Party.
With the building of the new YMCA, a long standing problem for Wooster Rotary was solved. The first Rotary meeting was held in the YMCA the first Monday of January, 1959. Rotary continued to meet at the YMCA until moving to the Presbyterian Church.
The February 13, 1959 Woosterian carried the following article:
1. I won’t take it for granted that Rotary club work will “get done” by somebody: but will take it for granted that it won’t “get done” unless I do it.
2. I won’t hope for 100% club attendance while I stay away myself.
3. I won’t expect my Rotary club to be a cheerful place while I retain the liberty off growling.
4. I won’t expect the club to be fair in financial condition while I fail to do my part financially.
5. I will never forget the club consists not only of a president and its officers, but of me and all the other members, responsible together of the fulfillment, in this community, of all phases of the Object of Rotary.