Courtesy of  Ray Leisy, Club Historian
Ford Ross became the 1955 Rotary Year President. Harold Freedlander pinned the President’s Pin on Ford. This was the same Pin bought by George Coffey for himself twenty years earlier and which had been passed down by each succeeding President since then.
One of the more interesting programs for the year was presented by Albert Dix, brother of Ray Dix. But, the presentation almost did not happen. Ted Evans had arranged to fly from Wooster to Martins Ferry to pick up Albert Dix on the morning of the meeting. Because of poor visibility, Evans was forced to land in Cadiz on the trip back. They borrowed a car and began to drive towards Wooster. As the visibility improved, they borrowed another plane and landed in Wooster only a few minutes late. Talk about service above self!
The noon meeting of November 18th was canceled in favor of the Ladies Night meeting at the Methodist Church sponsored by the Rotary Anns for Thanksgiving.
On a sad note, the passing of Alvin Rich was noted by The Woosterian in October. "The valuable library received his support and the museum is largely the work of a very few men led by him. These, and the contributions to the common life of Wooster are things of which any one might be proud. The Lutheran Church, which he loved, and whose liturgy he cherished, found him in his place week after week; its beautiful alter was a tribute to his wife. We already know what he was to Rotary; how, as a business man on the square, his store was a place where people from anywhere could meet or wait for their transportation home without obligation. He was a man of culture; a perfect gentleman, devoted to Wooster. We shall miss him.”  He was a Charter Member of Wooster Rotary.