Courtesy of  Ray Leisy, Club Historian
In 1954 Harold Freedlander became the 34th President of Wooster Rotary. 1954 was also the 50th Anniversary of the founding of Rotary International. The occasion was celebrated with the laying of the cornerstone of a new headquarters in Evanston, Illinois. Engraved on the cornerstone was, and is, “Service Above Self - He Profits Most Who Serves Best”.
At his “swearing in”, Harold Freedlander  arranged to have the six surviving charter members of Wooster Rotary seated at the front table. They were: Herman Freedlander, George Maurer, James Rahl, Harry Reiman, Guy Richard, and Robert Woods. Actually there was a seventh person seated at the table, Walter Foss, who was not actually a charter member, but whose efforts resulted in the formation of our Wooster Rotary Club.
The above information and most of the material from which we have prepared the past weekly series is contained in a booklet written by Wooster Rotary Historian David L. Edwards in honor of the International’s 50th Anniversary and detailing the Wooster Rotary Club history 1921-1955.