Courtesy of  Ray Leisy, Club Historian
The year 1951 was another special year for Wooster Rotary. The 30th Anniversary Party was held at the First Presbyterian Church in Wooster on Monday night, February 26th. The Woostarian had this to say after the event: “A most delightful combination and excellent program, combining recognition and entertainment…and  a very full attendance. An occasion like this reminds us of how we are indebted to other people. The anniversary of our Club reminds us of Paul Harris and all the other Rotarians who have made Rotary what it is today. It also reminds us of the founders and charter members of the Wooster Club and of what Rotary had done for us and of what it has enabled us to render in the way of service to others.”
The next year, 1952, was an equally excellent year for speakers at Wooster Rotary, including George Graziado, International President of the 20-30 Club, Otto Graham, and Miss Etta Freedlander (sister of Herman) who painted a grim picture of the new country of Israel’s struggle for survival.  A rather unique program was presented by Vic Dix and Scott Craig, two sons of Wooster Rotarians. They spoke about their trip across the North American continent from Wooster to the far west and then north to Alaska as far as they could go. Their trip was published as they went because of the vehicle in which they were making the trip, a hearse. It would have been interesting to have Vic recount the story before he left for permanent residence in Florida.