Courtesy of  Ray Leisy, Club Historian
The 1945-46 Wooster Rotary Year took off where our 25th Anniversary Year ended. It was an ambitious year as Ray Dix became President with our returning service men and new opportunities for service.

The request of the Wooster, Dalton and Orrville Clubs to change Districts from District 157 to 158 was granted by Rotary International. The request was made because of easier travel arrangements. Unfortunately, the new opportunity for local service became the polio outbreak. A Wooster Rotary member quietly gave President Ray Dix $500. to aid another Wooster Rotary member to care for his child. The member returned the entire sum to President Ray as he was able to handle the finances of his family on his own. The money was then given to a local family whose son had become partially paralyzed by polio to purchase a wheel chair and for other needs. No one ever knew who had donated the money or how it was finally distributed.
The year 1947 was also a busy year for Rotary International. Paul Harris died in Chicago on February 27, 1947. With the end of the war and liberations, 24 countries had their clubs readmitted to Rotary International. However, with the outbreak off the Civil War in China 23 clubs were dissolved, leaving only 6 active clubs in China. That left 6,932 active clubs worldwide with 332,000 members. On September 27, 1947 WWST went on the air thanks to the efforts of Emmett and Ray Dix.

That same year, Dan Parmalee conducted a scientific survey to assess the popularity of songs sung at our weekly lunch meetings. How many of our current members can remember when we sang before our meal? The winner was “Home on the Range” followed by “Let Me Call You Sweetheart.” As usual, all singing was led by Dan Parmalee.

From 1947 to 1950, the Wooster Rotary continued its charitable operations with the exception of the 1947 Childens Home Christmas Party due to the scarlet fever outbreak at the home. In 1947, the Wooster Club was awarded a citation for “Vocational Service” by the District Governor. In 1948, thanks to the efforts of Herman Freedlander, Art Miller and Joe Cohan the new Christmas Run pool was dedicated and turned over to the City of Wooster free of debt.  The weekly meeting was deferred from Monday to Wednesday on August 24, 1949 for an address by Charles F. Brannan, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Ohio Governor Frank J. Lauche was also in attendance.